Ridgid 18V Brushless 2-Tool Combo Kit + Two Free Tools $379 @ Home Depot

Ridgid 18V Brushless 2-Tool Combo Kit + Two Free Tools  $379 @ Home Depot
Ridgid 18V Brushless 2-Tool Combo Kit + Two Free Tools $379 @ Home Depot

Another hackable Ridgid deal from Home Depot. This one is unfortunately a pretty high initial cost, but some of the "free" tools are good deals after the hack.

Two tool brushless combo kit for $379:

If you play around with the two included tools, you can get them down to the following prices:
Two Tool Combo$379$184.87       8AH Battery$149$77.68  Leaf Blower $189$93.39  String Trimmer $189$93.39  Hammer Drill$149$77.68  Ext Reach Ratchet$199$97.07  Angle Grinder$139$73.47  Impact Wrench $179$89.62  Circ Saw $169$85.74  Router $179$89.62  Jigsaw$179$89.62  Oscillating Tool$129$69.15  Recip Saw$169$85.74  Grease Gun$189$93.39  Inflator$49$29.62  RA Impact$199$97.07  
Some of the individual tool prices have been better in other recent deals, however some are very competitive. It looks like the inflator hasn’t been that cheap for almost two years.

I ended up putting in two orders to get the inflator and the 8AH battery at each of their respective lowest possible costs.

And because somebody will always ask, the Home Depot "hack" is adding the above tool combo and free tools to your cart, where you can see the combo and free tools broken down and itemized at a now lower price. Each item is treated individually as far as returns, so keep the items you want and return the ones you don’t.


Went through and calculated the prices from the $179 battery deal from this thread:
Just for my own curiosity to see which had the better tool prices. Most are pretty close, but depending on the tool you’re trying to get would determine which combo to pair it with to get it at the lowest possible price.

Two Battery Combo$179.00$84.76       8AH Battery$149$81.31  Leaf Blower $189$91.93  String Trimmer $189$91.93  Hammer Drill$149$81.31  Ext Reach Ratch$199$94.24  Angle Grinder$139$78.24  Impact Wrench $179$89.50  Circ Saw $169$86.93  Router $179$89.50  Jigsaw$179$89.50  Oscillating Tool$129$74.97  Recip Saw$169$86.93  Grease Gun$189$91.93  Inflator$49$38.47  RA Impact$199$94.24  

$568.00 $379